Launched in October 2016, Threadnaut is a budding online store specializing in crocheted novelty items. Mainly focusing on customer requests, Threadnaut can help bring to life whatever you imagine – whether it be for a one-of-a-kind gift, a quirky piece to complete your cosplay, or something else entirely – We will work with you throughout the creation process. All projects listed are handmade by Samantha Shurie. Some items sold by Threadnaut are designed in-house, and others are provided graciously by pattern designers who are credited in the product listing. Made-to-order stuffed animals, hats, and other products can be purchased from our storefront hosted by Ecwid. Looking for something unique? We’ll communicate with you personally throughout the entire creation of your order to make sure it’s made correctly to your specifications. Submitting this form will help you get started on your way to placing your order.

Help Threadnaut Fill The Map!

Every time we ship to a new state, we fill it in on our map. Since Threadnaut is based in Pennsylvania, most of our products are shipped around this state.

Map update: 11/15/17: Michigan
Map update: 9/20/17: Wisconsin
Map update 8/27/17: New Jersey, California
Map update 8/14/17: Georgia and Texas