First Craft Show!

Since opening Threadnaut, I have been wanting to participate in craft shows. I had been asked a few times over the last year about entering Threadnaut in different shows, but never felt that I was in a position to run a booth. We didn’t have enough store stock yet, and I wasn’t confident that with my current amount of orders that I’d be able to make enough product in time. Plus, entering in shows can sometimes be expensive.

Luckily, a local event came up in September, and I was given enough advance that I felt we could make it! Thanks to The Westmoreland Cultural Trust‘s TGIS event, we were able to set up a booth for our first show and get Threadnaut out to the public.

In the summertime, The Westmoreland Cultural Trust holds an event one evening every week called TGIS (Thank Goodness It’s Summer) at The Palace Theatre located in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Local bands play in the courtyard alongside the theatre and sometimes on the stage, plus there’s food! For the final event of the season, the show would also include Pop-Up Art Shops for the first time in the Megan Suite (the windows to right of the entrance in the image below). By the way, this is a free event, so if you’re local to the area definitely check it out next summer!


The Megan Suite filled around all sides with booths full of artists of varying mediums. The event was shorter than an average craft show that might span over a weekend. The event was one evening for four hours, so I felt comfortable getting my feet wet with this shorter appearance. We had a slightly smaller booth toward the entrance of the show, but I didn’t have as much product as most of the other artists there so this was okay for us. Even though I was taking product and a cash box, I more or less went to the event with the mindset that I would be there to network. So when we did make a few sales, I was ecstatic!

I also misjudged what would sell at the event, but now I think I’ll know better for next time. To fill the table I tried to make an assortment of different sized amigurumis. I made a rack full of tiny keychains and priced them at a lower dollar amount thinking that that would be the item that sold the most. I also made a few medium size items (little bears, cats, pumpkins, and trees), and even less of what I considered the larger items, or what would be a regular Threadnaut item in the store (a larger cat and pumpkin, an owl and a few ghosts for the Halloween season.) To my surprise, only one keychain was sold and the rest were all larger items. At least now I won’t have to make those items for the next show, and I’ll know what to fill my table with more of as well.

The event went pretty well for us, and my fiance now teases me and says I have been bit by the “Show Bug” because I can’t stop searching for more shows to do locally. The only problem is I have to get my stock built up again since we sold a lot of those items! Can’t wait to do it all again though, and hopefully there will be another TGIS artist pop-up show next year, because I’d love to participate again!


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