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Orion The Owl

Here is a photo of a quick commission I did recently! Sorry I don’t have more images to provide of this one, but if I make any in the future, I’ll be sure to add them.

Since Threadnaut has been based around a spacey-theme, I have been wanting to name some of the Amigurumis after constellations, so to begin, we named this one Orion the Owl.

Orion was based off of a free pattern by Lion Brand Yarn: Amigurumi Graduation Owl

Since we didn’t need the graduation cap for this project, I left that piece out and made a secoond ear, also adding little feathers on top. The suggested safety eye size for this was 9 mm, but I went up to 12 mm.

Do you, or someone you know have an owl obsession? Interested in ordering an owl? Stop by my custom order request page and send me your ideas!

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