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The Little Lioness

One more custom order finished! This time I was tasked with making specifically a female lion. Having made the pattern before, I chose Sharon Ojala’s Little Bigfoot Lion. Her pattern is free and I feel that it is easy to follow for beginners, and of course the finished product is adorable. Execution this time was pretty straightforward; the only thing that needed changed was leaving out the lion’s mane.

As usual, I like to give my amigurumis larger eyes, so I used a size a bit bigger than suggested. The safety eyes I used for this were 10 mm, although 7.5 mm is suggested.

I really like the technique Sharon uses for the end of the tail! I have used it on several other projects, on giraffes and elephants.

As I mentioned earlier, I had made the Little Bigfoot Lion before. That one included a full mane, and was part of a set of several Little Bigfoot Animals. That was one of my first projects as Threadnaut, and I wasn’t using safety eyes yet, but you can find the post here if you’d like to see more.

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