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Torchic Pokemon

While I have shied away from listing character items in my shop (fan art legalities can be a bit of a gray area,) I try not to pass up a request when it’s for a single character or item. And of course, since my crocheted Pokeballs were the very first product listed, any Pokemon-related request is kind of special to me.

I had a loyal customer and good friend recently ask me to make him a Torchic from Pokemon, and about half way through, the project became mostly free-handed. I have to say, I’m pretty happy with the results! I hope he is too.

I began by basing this pattern around WolfDreamer Off The Hook’s Torchic Plushie, one of my favorite pattern designers, but right away I knew I wanted to make some modifications to the legs to make them stick out, and I wanted the beak to be open, too. The body was also changed and the made a pointier shape at the end for the tail instead of adding a separate tail piece. Unfortunately, for this project I did not write down the sequence of changes as I was making them, so there are no notes as to how this guy was created. My apologies to anyone who was/is interested 🙁

This Torchic now lives with his ferret family members in his new home.

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