Upcoming Orders

Have you noticed the last little section in the right sidebar of the site yet? I’ve added a queue for Threadnaut. It’s simply a list of all the upcoming orders Threadnaut has accepted and will be completing in the future. The descriptions for the projects may be a bit vague at times, but this is because some items could be gift items, and we don’t want their future owners to get any hints! I want to use this list as a way to let everybody know what’s coming up for posts and also what’s currently on my plate as far as work goes. As you can see, the list is beginning to get a bit long! Please remember this if you are considering placing a custom order. I can accept them, but it will take me some time to get to them, and I unfortunately cannot accept anymore rush jobs right now either. I will be changing the note on the custom order page to reflect this new swell in orders as well. Thank you for considering Threadnaut for your custom crocheted piece, and thank you to those who have orders out currently. I appreciate your kind words and patience as I finish each of your projects.

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